The download equal you read the rules and accpet it.

The password of this file avilable on distro board in index.

1) Be sure to keep security
2) Release Naming scheme should be like this :
3) You shouldn't use any space or non-ASCII char in your release name
4) for new month make a dir and name it like this : 01.January
5) You can also make a new folder and put your other tools there
6) Patch files shouldn't be more than 1 mb
7) Keygen files shouldn't be more than 3 mb
8) for cracked.exe files it shouldn't be more than 5 mb
9) Only retail applications releases could be more than 5 mb
10) We dont have any responsibility for submitted files.
11) Your release must have webscene gernric password.
12) All here cracks for show security weaknesses but if like any software certainly buy it.
13) other rules will be here as soon :p

A note to teams :
We do this for fun and keeping the webscene alive , the only thing we want is to keep quality and also to keep the scene alive , that's all , keep it going :x

MOST IMPORTANT : You can signup in webscene , more tools, tutorials, challenges, crack request & etc.